Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company (YJLTC) is an experimental theater company that has been developing and producing shows written and directed by Young Jean Lee since 2003.  

In his citation for the 2010 American Academy of Arts and Letters Literature Awards, Academy member Romulus Linney wrote:

"Young Jean Lee's plays are fierce, challenging, brazenly theatrical, and then transcendentally lyrical. Her wit is both biting and hilarious. Her subjects big, bold, and daring, but truthful and humane. In seven years, as author and director, she has created a theater like none other, and with it, a fresh dramatic language for the multi-cultural American stage."



Artistic Statement


When starting a play, I ask myself, "What's the last show in the world I would ever want to make?" Then I force myself to make it. I do this because going out of my comfort zone compels me to challenge my assumptions and find value in unexpected places. I write my shows as I’m directing them, working collaboratively with my performers and artistic team and getting feedback from workshop audiences. Our goal is to find ways to get past our audiences’ defenses against uncomfortable subjects and open people up to confronting difficult questions by keeping them disoriented and laughing. My work is about struggling to achieve something in the face of failure and incompetence and not-knowing. The discomfort and discovery involved in watching this struggle reflects the truth of my experience.

-Young Jean Lee


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